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If you are looking for superior fencing services then XL Fencing is the place to turn to. XL Fencing is a Pompano Beach fence company that has been proving excellent products and services throughout South Florida. With extensive experience years of experience as fence contractors in South Florida, we can get any job done in a timely and efficient manner. Custom fences are our number one specialty and we offer the latest and greatest style of fences. We’re your go-to Pompano Beach fence company.

Pompano Beach Fence Company

Largest Selection of Fences in Pompano Beach, FL

XL Fencing has the largest selection of fences for both residential and commercial properties. From white PVC fences for homes to industrial aluminum fences for commercial use, we have a fence style and type for every property. Whether you want a classic wood fence around your property or a chain link fence around your sports field, our team of fence designers and installers will come up with the perfect style fence that will meet your needs. Trust XL Fencing to be your Pompano Beach fence company of choice.

We offer the following fences in Pompano Beach

Aluminum Fences in Pompano Beach

Your home’s beauty can be easily improved by just simply having an aluminum fence installed. And other than the fact that they look very similar to wrought iron, they’re actually much easier to maintain and are even very affordable. Their need for low maintenance and long-lasting durability, in fact, are just a few of the biggest reasons why this fence type is widely adopted. Unlike most other metals, aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and rusting. Generally, these make the perfect fences for properties that are closely situated to the beach. Aluminum fences in Pompano Beach are also commonly used as pool enclosures, stair railings, garden fences, and even yard perimeter fences. When you call XL Fencing today, they can provide you with the greatest commercial fencing Pompano Beach services you need for your pool or other large-scale property.

PVC Fences in Pompano Beach

A Pompano Beach property with an installed PVC fence is a property that possesses numerous benefits. Some of them include noise reduction and even improvements on your dwelling’s privacy. Additionally, PVC fences also add a nice decorative flair, increasing your overall property value.

Regardless if you want a PVC fence installed for these benefits or for others, the fencing professionals at XL Fencing will take care of the installation process. We can customize the design and style of your PVC fence in order to match your needs thanks to the professionalism and expertise of our Pompano Beach fence builders.

Wood Fences in Pompano Beach

Wood fences in Pompano Beach are one of the most popular products that many of our customers choose to buy from us. This is typically because our wooden fences are customizable to fit your needs. They can also be installed onsite and properly cared for to appear their best in all of Pompano Beach. and with the provided assistance of our fence supply Pompano Beach services, we can assess your property and provide a free quote so that we can immediately go to work to provide you the greatest wooden fence.

The styles of wood fences we offer include:

  • Horizontal – This style increases privacy and gives off a longer and bigger appearance.
  • Board on Board – Board on boards serve many purposes including adding privacy, keeping pets inside, and keeping unwanted visitors out.
  • Shadowbox – These types of wooden fences create a semi-private environment. They can also significantly increase curb appeal.
  • Stockade – Both affordable and requires low maintenance. This wooden fence style can match almost any property.

Chain-Link Fences in Pompano Beach

XL Fencing can install the most quality of commercial and/or residential chain-link fences in Pompano Beach for you. These sorts of fences are strong, long-lasting, and ideal for nearly just about any commercial building, field, or home. They’re created with steel that’s woven into a strong diamond pattern. And they’re also a cheap solution for property owners that want to a durable barrier of protection.

Our commercial fencing Pompano Beach services will ensure that you’re given the most stable and durable chain-link fence around.

Residential And Commercial Fencing Service In Pompano Beach, FL

The team at XL Fencing takes pride in every fence that we install. We will go above and beyond to make sure your fence will be installed on time and within budget in the Pompano Beach area. Our fence installation team is made up of hand-picked experts that have been well-trained to design and install to the highest standard. We will pull any fence permit needed to be able to start your fencing project. Any HOA approvals will be completed by our team, as well. We will take care of all of the legwork so that you can relax knowing that your fence will be up to code. All of the stress that comes with a new fencing project is eliminated when you choose XL Fencing as your Pompano Beach fence company.

Why Hire XL Fencing, The Premier Pompano Beach Fencing Service Provider

It’s much more beneficial to hire an expert Pompano Beach fence company as opposed to trying to install your fence yourself.

All fencing projects will require you to lay out for fence lines, acquire the necessary permits, dig postholes, mix concrete, set many posts, and install rails and pickets. There are also numerous safety precautions you need to keep in mind like properly marking cable wiring around a property. An expert Pompano Beach fencing contractor has the proper and required experience and knowledge to complete a Pompano Beach fencing project in a safe and time-efficient manner.

We here at XL Fencing are well-renowned as one of the best fence companies Pompano Beach has to offer to patrons. Our experienced and professional staff of fence installers are more than capable of providing clients with the greatest fences Pompano Beach services. We don’t only stop when we’re done installing fences. In fact, we also offer fence repair and maintenance to make sure that any and all of our client’s Pompano Beach fencing needs are fulfilled accordingly. We’re the top service provider when it comes to Pompano Beach fencing, especially when you’re on a budget. 

Fence Repair Pompano Beach

With XL Fencing, you’re choosing experts in Pompano Beach fence repair. No matter if it’s been damaged by weather, age, or any other factors, we can be of assistance. We repair any fence material and ensure it looks good as new once the job has been completed. For fence repair in Pompano Beach, choose the experts at XL Fencing.

The expert staff here at XL Fencing have offered and provided quality fence Pompano Beach services to many clients over the years. No matter the type of damage your fence has sustained, we can give you the fence repair services that you can’t get anywhere else. Our Pompano Beach fencing services are designed so that they can be used for any type of fence material. And after we’re done, we always ensure your fence looks good. If you find yourself requiring professional Pompano Beach fencing, you can best believe that the professionals over at XL Fencing can be of assistance.

When you examine you fence for damage, ensure that you’re informed about the type of damage that can take place on your fence. All fence materials are unique and due to this, each once can succumb to different sorts of damage. But no matter the type of damage that has taken place on your fence, hire the professionals at one of the best fence companies in Pompano Beach, XL Fencing.

Pompano Beach Fence Installation & Design

At XL Fencing, we pride ourselves on offering professional yet affordable fencing solutions for your home or business. We provide a variety of the highest quality of fencing materials available including wood fences, aluminum fences, PVC fences, and chain-link fences. Not sure which fence is right for you? Call one of our fencing experts today at 954-482-0531 in order to decide how to best tackle your fencing project. Additionally, you can request a quote online.