Fence Repair Hollywood

Are you in need of the most renowned fence repair services in Hollywood? Then look no further than  XL Fencing of South Florida. Our fence repair services provide expert and quality service to both commercial and residential properties of all types. Whether you’re a business or homeowner who needs fence repair, we can offer it an affordable rate for any time. And regardless of your fence type – aluminum, wooden, chain link, or PVC – XL Fencing can repair it for you.

For any purpose that you see fit, we here at XL Fencing can offer you the fence repair services that you need. Have less privacy because of holes in your fence or you lost a section of it? We can repair it for you. Or do you have less protection due to some severe impact causing damage? We can repair that, too. No matter the reason, you can trust XL Fencing for all your fence repair needs in Hollywood.

Why You Want a Fence Repair in Hollywood

Property fences are versatile accessories that provide a number of purposes. And if one of those purposes is being provided to you at its fullest function, then that’s an indicator that you need fence repair. Take, for example, if you have a wooden fence. Wooden fences are a nice addition to any property. If you’re a residential property owner, especially, you’ll find that you can get some privacy with these fences. And they also make a good barrier between neighbors or passers-by and your pets. Their wooden structure also blends in nicely with a natural environment. But if at one point, you find that your wooden fence isn’t providing any of these functions, then you should have it repaired immediately.

Besides your fence slowly losing its quality, there are also other factors you need to be wary of when you own a fence in Hollywood. You’re more than just a property owner, you’re also an investor. And when your fence begins to look unappealing, then your property value and curb appeal are decreasing drastically. And as a result, you end up losing out on an investment. But also, besides decreased property value, fence repair will also be required when you find that your property’s defenses are low.

There are many other instances in which you should have a fence repair performed on your property. Each is unique and all depends on the fence type that you own. Take a close look at your fence and see if there’s something out of the ordinary. If there is, and it’s contributing to lack in fence quality, then call the professionals at XL Fencing.

Signs That Your Fence Needs a Repair in Hollywood

Each fence type is unique. And when one of them succumbs to an issue, it’s a unique issue. So if you own a certain fence type on your property, it’s critical that you educate yourself of unique conditions that occur on your fence. There are obvious signs for fence problems, such as holes caused by impact or a busted component. But as you assess your fence for issues, look for other harmful factors that can exist.

Fences typically provide security, so check and see if your fence is still capable of doing that. Is your fence sturdy enough? Do you feel as if it’s starting to degrade in structure? Give it a little shake and see if it wobbles too much. Also, look even closer at your fence to see if it’s succumbed to corrosion. Wood fences are especially susceptible to corrosion and can degrade easily.

Fence Types That XL Fencing Can Repair

If you don’t know about what factors can affect your fence type’s structure and performance, then take a look below at the types of fences that XL Fencing repairs. We’ve compiled a small description for each fence type to indicate what problems can occur and when you should get your fence repaired.


One of the most common fence types are wood fences, and you’ll see them on a lot of residential properties. They’re usually installed because they provide a natural look to a home and they even complement or blend in with the natural South Florida environment. But despite them being able to beautify a home, they’re a fence type that can easily succumb to all sorts of damage.

Out of all the fence types to exist, wooden fences can corrode the most easily. This is because wooden fences provide a nice setting for unwelcomed guests such as termites and other insects. They’re properties also make them vulnerable to impact damage and weathering. And they can have their appearance ruined easily with stains. But most of all, they also provide a nice surface for residues to cling onto, such as mold and mildew.

When you assess your wooden fence, look for any of these damage types. If they’ve occurred, then you’ll definitely want a fence repair. If you don’t get repairs soon enough, then your wooden fence will succumb to severe damage.


When you’re looking for privacy and noise reduction, then you’ll find that PVC fences are the type that you need. The solid structure of PVC fences disallows nosey neighbors and passers-by from looking into your back or front yard. Moreover, the solid design also prevents loud sounds from interrupting your outdoor activities. But if you find that you’re not receiving the full effects of these benefits recently, then your PVC fence probably needs a repair. Obviously, when there are holes in your fence, you won’t be able to gain the advantages of owning a PVC fence. So when they do occur, call XL Fencing for fence repair in Hollywood.


Aluminum fences are sought out by South Florida residents because their structure provides grade-A defense and it increased curb appeal significantly. Furthermore, they require low maintenance so you won’t need to refurbish them that often. And the reason why they require low maintenance is that the properties of aluminum include rust and corrosion-resistance. However, despite such advantageous benefits, keep in mind that rust and corrosion-resistance doesn’t mean that your fences are completely protected from rust and corrosion. When your aluminum fences are exposed to the outside elements long enough, assess them to see if they possess any irregularities. If you find small amounts of corrosion and rust then you should consider having them repaired as soon as possible. Even though minor rust and corrosion doesn’t seem like a huge issue now, it can worsen and grow into a bigger problem later down the line.

Chain Link

Chain links are most ideal for property owners who want increased security. They provide a strong barrier between your property and outside harmful factors. They’re also helpful in designating an area that isn’t meant for others to enter, such as a farm animal pen or a dog’s living space.

Recognizing if your chain link fences need repairs is easy. Just look at the “diamond” pattern of your fences. If they appear disconnected because of rusting or some other factor, then have your fence repaired by us. One broken diamond pattern isn’t an issue at the present moment. But you’ll want to keep assessing your fence on a weekly or daily basis so you can see if more diamonds are disconnected. When this occurs, have our professional service provide the necessary repairs.

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