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A Reputable Hollywood Fence Company

XL Fencing is a reputable Hollywood fence company that is dedicated to creating and installing the best residential and commercial property fences to property owners in South Florida. From our quality fence designs to our full-service installation and maintenance, XL Fencing is the go-to source for your next fencing project. As an XL Fencing client, you will work one-on-one with one of our fencing specialists who will design the fence that you have been envisioning. Then our team of licensed and insured fencing contractors will make your dream a reality by installing your perfect fence. Trust XL Fencing to be your go-to Hollywood fence company.

Hollywood Fencing Company

Residential And Commercial Fencing Service In Hollywood, FL

Wooden fences are an extremely popular fencing option for both residential and commercial properties. At XL Fencing, we specialize in creating and installing wood fences for properties throughout South Florida. Whether you want a horizontal, board-on-board, shadowbox or stockade style wood fence, our fencing contractors will customize your fence design to fit the look and feel that you want. We’re proud to be a residential and commercial Hollywood fence company.

We offer the following fences in Hollywood

Aluminum Fences in Hollywood

Although they may look the same, believe us when we say that aluminum fences are much more affordable and easier to care for than wrought iron fences.  They also can still provide a layer of beauty to your home when installed. And it’s because of these traits plus their long-lasting durability that they’re so widely adopted by numerous property owners. Unlike other metals, aluminum doesn’t corrode easily when in contact with water and/or other elements. Moreover, aluminum is also rust-resistant, making them really good fences for real estate located near the ocean. They’re also commonly used in Hollywood as pool enclosures, stair railings, garden fences, and yard perimeter fences.

PVC Fences in Hollywood

A PVC fence installed on your Hollywood property can provide you with many benefits. Some of these include improving your privacy from peeping neighbors as well as block out noise. PVC fences also add a decorative feature that increases your curb appeal as well as your overall property value.

Whether you want a PVC fence for these benefits or others, the fencing professionals at XL Fencing will take care of every step. We customize the design and style of your PVC fence in order to match your Hollywood fencing needs.

Wood Fences in Hollywood

We are recognized as the absolute best Hollywood fence company, and this is mainly because we’re the ideal choice for wood fence installation services in Hollywood. With this fence type, you have quite a few options in design. They can be installed onsite and maintained to look appealing with our Hollywood fencing services. You can trust that with our expert touch, we can evaluate your property and provide a free quote. And as soon as you decide on the best quality of materials, we immediately go to work.

The wood fences styles we offer include:

  • Horizontal – This style increases privacy and gives off a longer and bigger appearance.
  • Board on Board – Board on boards serve many purposes including adding privacy, keeping pets inside, and keeping unwanted visitors out.
  • Shadowbox – These types of wooden fences create a semi-private environment. They can also significantly increase curb appeal.
  • Stockade – Both affordable and requires low maintenance. This wooden fence style can match almost any property.

Chain Link Fences in Hollywood

Out of all the fence companies in Hollywood, XL Fencing can give you the highest quality of residential and/or commercial quality chain link fences.

While they appear simple in design, our chain link fences are durable and ideal for nearly any property. They’re composed of steel wire that is woven into a strong diamond pattern. And the reason why they’re ideal for most properties is that they’re a cost-effective solution that many property owners choose in order to add a strong barrier of protection to their property. Hence why it wouldn’t be a bad idea to install these fences in Hollywood.

Fence Installation & Design In Hollywood, FL

Homeowners and property owners can completely customize their residential or commercial fences. From automated gates to style and color, our fencing specialists will create a fence that aligns perfectly with your vision. We understand how important it is to pay attention to detail. This is how we deliver a fence that you will be proud of for years to come. Our professional Hollywood fence company will install your entire fence in a timely and efficient manner as to not interfere with your daily routine.

Fence Repair In Hollywood 

Hollywood, like much of the rest of the state of Florida, has to deal with poor weather for a large portion of the year. This inclement weather can lead to damages to the home, as well as the fence surrounding the home. If your fence has been damaged by weather, or anything else, XL Fencing can be of assistance with our repair services. For Hollywood fence repair, trust XL Fencing.

We here at XL Fencing have provided our high-end fence Hollywood services to countless clients over the years. And no matter the damage type the fence has sustained, we can give you the best fence repair services you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Our Hollywood fencing services are designed so that they can be performed on any fence material. And once we’re done, we always make sure your fence looks good. If for any reason you require Hollywood fencing, you can trust that the professionals at XL Fencing can be of help.

When we come to assess your fence next time for signs of damage, make sure you’re aware of the type of damage that can occur on your fence. Each fence is unique in properties and that also includes the type of damage it can sustain as well. Whatever damage has taken place on your fence, choose the experts at one of the greatest commercial fencing Hollywood service providers, XL Fencing.

Why Hire XL Fencing, The Premier Hollywood Fencing Service Provider

There are numerous perks to hiring professional Hollywood fence builders as opposed to installing it by yourself. All fencing projects require a layout for fence lines, the necessary permits, digging postholes, mixing concrete, setting numerous posts, and installing rails and pickets. There are also quite a few precautions you need to be mindful of including properly marking cable wiring around a property. Expert fence builders in Hollywood will have the right experience and knowledge to complete fences in Hollywood in a safe and timely fashion.

Here at XL Fencing, we are recognized as one of the greatest fencing Hollywood service providers around. Our team of professional and experienced fence builders in Hollywood are completely dedicated to providing clients with the best fences Hollywood services. Our work doesn’t only stop when we’re finished installing fences. In fact, we also offer fence repair and maintenance to ensure that any and all of our client’s fencing needs are fulfilled accordingly. We’re the top service provider when it comes to Hollywood fencing, even when you’re on a budget. 

Our kind and professional staff of Hollywood fence builders are more than capable of providing patrons with the greatest fences in Hollywood. We don’t only stop providing our quality services after the installation is done. We also offer fence repair and maintenance once we’re done to make sure that all of our client’s fencing in Hollywood needs are fulfilled properly. We’re recognized as the best fence supply Hollywood service providers when it comes to our services, especially when you’re on a budget. 

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At XL Fencing, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of fences and services throughout Hollywood and the rest of South Florida. Our superior installation services and fencing materials will deliver a stunning residential or commercial fence that will add value to your property and enhance the look and feel of your home or business. Choose XL Fencing to be your Hollywood fence company. To start your fencing project in Hollywood, or anywhere else in South Florida call our team at 954-482-0531. Additionally, request a quote online.