Fence Installation Fort Lauderdale

Don’t be worried about obtaining the right permits and wondering where the wiring should be placed. Let the experts at XL Fencing Inc handle all that. XL Fencing, Inc specializes in Fort Lauderdale fence installation as well as fence installation all throughout the rest of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We ensure all necessary precautions are evaluated when we plan out every step of your fence installation project. Our mission is to always continue in being the top-pick fencing company that provides high-quality products paired with excellent service offered at competitive prices. In addition, we pride ourselves on being the most cost-conscious of our client’s pockets. Leave the worry and stress of your fence installation project in Fort Lauderdale to the experts at XL Fencing.

XL Fence Installation Process in Fort Lauderdale

XL Fencing’s Fort Lauderdale fence installation process involves 4 phases. We understand and recognize all the hassle and risk that comes with constructing a new fence. There are a number of issues that could arise during your Fort Lauderdale fence installation project. Before your fencing project can commence, there are different aspects that need to be covered.  For starters, permits, fence lines must be acquired and laid out before installation.

Phase 1: Planning

Some questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Where is your property line?
  • Where are the irrigation, gas, and or cable lines located and will they be affected?
  • What level are permits needed, from the city or county level?
  • Will you need HOA approval?  What are the HOA requirements?
  • What restrictions are in place and what are the local building codes?
  • Home Owners Association Requirements (HOA)

    – Residing in an HOA neighborhood you are held and bound by the approval from your HOA board. There’s a good chance your HOA has specific guidelines spelled out in their bylaws that outline the type, size, and placement of a fence that is allowed and those that are prohibited. Therefore, determining your property line is also essential when constructing or replacing a fence. There’s no need to deal with this on your own, let us deal with the investigation work and we can contact your HOA to know about the requirements that pertain to fence installation in your Fort Lauderdale HOA neighborhood.

  • Marking of Irrigation, Gas, and or Cable Lines

    – Before working on your Fort Lauderdale fence installation, consider marking off any and all your irrigation, gas, or cable lines that could be affected. These are very difficult to locate, especially if you don’t know where all the wires and pipes were laid. Our experts can take all the guesswork out of it and properly calculate where these are located before construction commences.

  • City Permits

    – Most cities and counties require special building permits for fence installation a there are a couple of variables that come into play for your fence installation project in Fort Lauderdale. Permits having to go through the city or county approval process depends on whether or not the location of the fence is in an incorporated or unincorporated area. You can trust XL Fencing, Inc to go above and beyond and find out exactly what type of permits are required to initiate your fence installation project in Fort Lauderdale.

Why be hassled with the headache of all these steps and questions to answer? Trust in the professionals at XL Fencing as they will take care of EVERYTHING!

Phase 2: Digging Postholes

Once your new fence is approved by HOA, the city or county, and all your wires and pipelines have been marked, the next phase can commence: digging postholes. postholes need to be measured for proper fencing in order for them to comply with city standards. For instance, the Broward County code requires that every post has 4 feet of fencing in between each of them. Depending on the county, post distances can vary.

Phase 3: Choosing Fence Type

XL Fencing has at least four different types of fences for you to choose from, all of which serve different purposes.

PVC FENCING – Installing a PVC fence on your property can help with a variety of different issues. Maybe you want privacy or are looking to dull out noise. PVC fences can significantly help with these issues. Not only that but these fences also add a decorative element to your property. No matter your reason may be for installing a PVC fence, trust the fencing experts at XL Fencing will take care of everything! We fully customize the design and style of your PVC fence to match your fencing needs.
ALUMINUM FENCING – Our aluminum fences can be powder coated black, white, or any other color you wish. We also offer them at different height and design options such as the pressed spear top or flat top rail fences. Aluminum fences are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and are long-lasting. Many metals tend to corrode easily when exposed to water and other elements, but aluminum is rust and corrosion-resistant by nature. This style of fencing is perfect for those properties near the ocean or bodies of water in Fort Lauderdale. Our aluminum fences are most notably used as garden fences, pool enclosures, stair railings, and yard perimeter fences. In addition, XL Fencing also creates custom welded fences and gates for estates and other high-end Fort Lauderdale properties.
CHAIN LINK FENCING – Chain Link fences are a great benefit to homeowners. Pet owners especially like our chain link fences since they are the perfect way to deter other animals from entering your property. They assure your pets stay on your property while also having plenty of room to roam around. XL Fencing chain link fences can also be fitted with child-proof locks to keep children from wandering off. Therefore, having a chain link fence provides additional security by deterring burglars from attempting to break into your home or property. They are constructed to withstand the most extreme weather and offer lifespans of 15-20 years.
WOOD FENCING– Deciding on the style of wood fence can leave you feeling undecided as there’s a number of options to choose from. Options consist of horizontal style, board on board, shadowbox style, or stockade style.
  • Stockade –  Stockade fences hold up well in these extreme Florida conditions and can withstand different elements for years to come. They are the simplest style of wood fence that is both affordable and requires low maintenance. This style fence can match any style of home and is very sturdy. As Stockade fences age, they provide exactly what you need with added privacy, security, and stability.
  • Horizontal – One of the more popular styles, it is used to create a longer and bigger appearance. The strategy used by XL Fencing for the Horizontal Style is modernizing how fences look. Who said your fence has to be the traditional vertical style to look good?
  • Board on Board –  This style fence uses an overlapping pattern of vertical slats and provides a gapless fence. Aside from keeping pets in and unwanted visitors out, Board on Board fences provides the privacy aspect you may be seeking and is the key benefit.
  • Shadowbox – your classic type of wood fence. This style provides a semi-private environment. Many clients who choose this fence are interested in the curb appeal. The name shadowbox was given as it is designed to cast a shadow. Shadowbox fencing provides durability, functionality and cost-effectiveness way to protect your home or property.

Phase 4: Gate Installation & Customization

Depending on the type of fence you choose, gate installation is also a possibility. Gates are usually mounted on larger posts compared to others used to construct fences. This prevents the gate from dragging and sagging into or against the ground. Also, most gates are pre-constructed to a general size opening but can be customized to any size.

Why Choose XL Fencing For Your Fence Installation Project in Fort Lauderdale?

XL Fencing’s professional Fort Lauderdale fence installation services can handle it all. Whether it be a  residential or commercial property, there’s no job we can’t accomplish. We used high-quality materials to construct your fence, ensuring that no issues occur with your fence’s structure and appearance. Additionally, we also have the experience to complete any fence installing project you require in Fort Lauderdale in a timely and safe manner.

We’re the leading fencing company in all of South Florida because of the expert handiwork of our dedicated professionals. Once your fence is constructed, our job doesn’t end there; we also perform fence repairs and maintenance along the way to best serve our client’s needs. Trust in XL Fencing Inc with your next fence installation project in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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