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XL Fencing is the most experienced Coral Springs fence company dedicated to designing and installing high-quality fences for residential and commercial property owners in South Florida. We offer affordable fencing services and guarantee to beat any competitor estimate on standard fencing materials. Our team of qualified fencing contractors has created amazing designs for wood, PVC, aluminum and chain-link fences. We also specialize in designing and installing custom gates. Trust XL Fencing to be your Coral Springs fence company of choice.

Coral Springs is one of the strictest cities in Broward County when it comes to fence installation and repair. Learn more about the fencing requirements, and Coral Springs building permits by clicking the links below:

Coral Springs Fence Company

Residential And Commercial Fencing Service In Coral Springs, FL

As the most experienced Coral Springs fence company, XL Fencing provides full-service fence design, installation and maintenance, and repair services for both residential and commercial properties in the South Florida area. Our clients can custom their fence design from style, color, materials, and finish. We work with you to ensure that the fence that you are envisioning in your head becomes a reality and is properly installed around your property.

We offer the following fences in Coral Springs

Coral Springs Fence Installation & Design

XL Fencing is the most reliable Coral Springs fence company.  Our team specializes in designing and installing white PVC fences. We offer various fencing options including private, semi-private, lattice accent, or picket accent. Our Coral Springs fence company not only specializes in fence installation and design but we also provide fence services for maintenance and long-term care. Let XL Fencing make fence design and installation easy and hassle-free.

Why Hire XL Fencing, The Premier Coral Springs Fencing Service Provider

There are many advantages of hiring a professional Coral Springs fence company as opposed to installing it on your own. All fencing projects require laying out fence lines, acquiring the necessary permits, digging postholes, mixing concrete, setting numerous posts, and installing rails and pickets. There are also many safety precautions you need to take into consideration such as properly marking cable wiring around a property. An expert fencing contractor will have the experience and knowledge to complete a fencing project in a safe and timely manner.

XL Fencing is one of the most highly recognized Coral Springs fence companies. Our team of experienced and professional fence installers is more than dedicated to providing clients with the best fences Coral Springs services. Our work doesn’t only end when we’re done installing a fence. In fact, we also offer fence repair and maintenance to ensure that any and all of our client’s fencing needs are fulfilled. We’re the number one service provider when it comes to Coral Springs fencing, even on a budget. 

Fence Repair In Coral Springs 

The team at XL Fencing are experts when it comes to fence repair in Coral Springs. Regardless of if your fence has been damaged by weather, age, or anything else, we can provide top-notch repairs in the area. We can repair any fence material and will ensure it looks good as new once the job has been completed. For Coral Springs fencing, look no further than XL Fencing.

We here at XL Fencing have provided our high-end fence Coral Springs services to countless patrons over the years. And no matter what type of damage a fence has sustained we can provide the best fence repair services you can’t get anywhere else. Our Coral Springs fencing services are optimized so that they can be performed on just about any fence material. And after we’re done, we always make sure your fence looks brand new. If for any reason you require Coral Springs fencing, you can best believe that the expert at XL Fencing can be of assistance.

When you go out next time to evaluate your fence for signs of damage, make sure you’re aware of the types of damage that can take place on your fence. Each fence is unique in properties and that also includes the type of damage it can sustain as well. If you have a wooden fence, for instance, it can be susceptible to rotting. For this reason, you should always look for any signs of rotting. Whatever damage has taken place on your fence, call the experts at one of the best fence companies in Coral Springs, XL Fencing.

Call XL Fencing Today For All Of Your Coral Springs Fencing Needs

At XL Fencing, we provide clients with the ability to completely customize their residential or commercial property fence in Coral Springs, FL. As a client, you can choose design options that best match the look and feel of your property.  Color and height of the fence, style, and much more are your choices to make. Our skilled team can even install custom welded fences and estate gate designs. The top-quality fences at XL Fencing are durable and last through wear, aging and hard weather conditions in South Florida. To speak to one of our fencing specialists to receive a free quote, call XL Fencing at 954-482-0531 or request a quote online.