How Can Fencing Keep Animals Out?

Have you wondered how fencing keeps animals out of your backyard? Animals sneaking into a backyard isn’t an unheard-of thing, especially in south Florida. With lots of park areas, nature, and open areas it’s no wonder why they can seem to always find their way to your backyard. Some of the common victims you may …

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What Will Privacy Fencing Cost You?

Your backyard should be your own personal sanctuary, where you can do activities and relax, but this can often be ruined when your neighbor has a direct line of sight into your backyard. Privacy fencing is an investment chosen by a lot of families since it provides a safe space for spending time together. While …

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When Is It Time To Replace My Wood Fence?

If your South Florida home was built before 2010, chances are it came standard with a wooden fence for your backyard. A timeless classic and a favorite of HOAs everywhere, wood fences have always been in style while also being one of the most cost effective solutions available. Unfortunately, if you still have the same …

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All About PVC Fences And Their Benefits

When deciding on the right fence style for your home, you want a fence material that’s timeless, stylish, and doesn’t break the bank. There are so many different options it can feel as if it’s impossible to decide on the right one. As this is an investment you’ll have for 15+ years, it’s important to …

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