Chain Link Vs. Wood Fences

Wood fence and chain fence installation are two common options for residential and commercial fencing projects. There is usually a preferred choice for specific applications even though both options have multiple benefits. Choosing the best option is critical because a fence is an investment for any property owner. Understanding the differences in these fence types …

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10 Benefits of a Residential Gate

A high priority for many homeowners is security and you can’t put a price tag on the safety of your home and family. A residential gate greatly increases safety by giving you control over home access. Installing a residential gate offers additional benefits such as the potential for lowering insurance premiums, increasing your property value, …

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Types of Wood Fences for Residential Properties

The iconic white picket fence is a type of wood fence that some Deerfield Beach residents dream about. The good news is that even if you purchase a house that does not already have that dream wooden fence, XL Fencing can install it on the property for you. There are other types of wood fences …

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