When Is It Time To Replace My Wood Fence?

If your South Florida home was built before 2010, chances are it came standard with a wooden fence for your backyard. A timeless classic and a favorite of HOAs everywhere, wood fences have always been in style while also being one of the most cost effective solutions available. Unfortunately, if you still have the same …

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All About PVC Fences And Their Benefits

When deciding on the right fence style for your home, you want a fence material that’s timeless, stylish, and doesn’t break the bank. There are so many different options it can feel as if it’s impossible to decide on the right one. As this is an investment you’ll have for 15+ years, it’s important to …

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Looking To Install A New Wood Fence? All About The Main Wood Fence Types

Getting a new wood fence installed can be a tremendous difference maker for your home’s backyard. It completely transforms the space and gives you and your family that much-needed privacy to enjoy the space as you see fit. Whether creating a small peaceful paradise to enjoy, or a play space for your children and pets, …

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Why Get A Privacy Fence Installed?

Are you a new homeowner, or looking to finally upgrade your backyard? Tired of neighbors running through your yard, or their pets leaving “presents” scattered around the lawn? It might be time to get a privacy fence installed. Privacy fences can be the difference-maker for your backyard, instantly adding value and security to your home. …

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