Aluminum Fence Company

XL Fencing is the top choice for an aluminum fence company for both residential and commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. We use the highest quality of aluminum fencing materials to build elegant aluminum fences that are strong against wear, aging, and harsh weather conditions. Aluminum fences not only add great value to a property, but they are also both attractive and cost-effective. For these reasons, aluminum fences are widely installed at homes across Palm Beach and Broward Counties. 

Reasons To Install An Aluminum Fence

An aluminum fence is a stylish option that can add beauty to a home.  Though they look similar to wrought iron, aluminum fences are more affordable and much easier to maintain. One of the main reasons aluminum fences are so widely appreciated is because they require very little maintenance and they can easily last for many years. Some metals corrode easily when exposed to water and other elements, but aluminum is resistant to rusting and corrosion by nature. This makes aluminum fencing perfect for properties near the ocean in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and other South Florida communities. Aluminum fences are commonly used as pool enclosures, stair railings, garden fences, and yard perimeter fences. 

Custom Design and Installation

When it comes to installing aluminum fencing on your Palm Beach home, there are endless options. An aluminum fence can be painted white, black, or any other color you desire via a method called powder coating. There are also different height options and design options such as a pressed spear or flat top rail fences. As a homeowner, you can choose the design options that best match the look and feel of your house. In fact, at XL Fencing, we also create custom welded fences and gates for estates and other high-end properties.

Commercial Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are not just for residential properties. In fact, higher grade aluminum fences are manufactured specifically for commercial and industrial use. These higher grade fences are made with thicker and larger aluminum posts than residential grade aluminum fences. XL Fencing is an experienced and qualified aluminum fence company.  Our team of qualified and experienced professionals can install an aluminum fence on any commercial property. 

XL Fencing Is The Best Aluminum Fence Company In South Florida 

XL Fencing is the best aluminum fence company servicing the South Florida community. We are a South Florida fencing company that specializes in aluminum fence installation and repair. Our experienced fencing contractors are fully insured and licensed and will handle every aspect from designing and permitting to installing and repairing. We work closely with our clients in order to design and build a customized fence that is perfect for their residential or commercial property. At XL Fencing, we also offer different styles and types of fencing options for residential and commercial properties which include:

If you would like to have an aluminum fence installed on either your residential or commercial property then contact us for a free quote.

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